What Does North Korea Really Want?

The historic Korean summit held on April 27, 2018 gave the whole world a great impression of change, as both North and South Korea agreed to the complete denuclearization of the whole Korean peninsula, as well as to end the war between the two countries. Both Moon Jae-in of South Korea and Kim Jong-un of North Korea agreed to end hostilities and work towards a complete reconciliation of both countries in order to gain a peaceful and harmonized Korean peninsula.

Of course, this is a gradual process which could take years to materialize, this being said, both North Korea and South Korea decided to take steps in order to materialize the said agreement. South Korea began to dismantle their loudspeakers that broadcasts a variation of news, pop music as well as criticism of the North Korean regime as a goodwill gesture and create military trust. While North Korea on the other hand, announced a complete denuclearization.

The summit broadcasted Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un shaking hands and passing across the two sides of the North and South Korean border, which boosted trust in both North and South Korea. However, some people are skeptic about North Korea’s announcement of denuclearisation, as others are looking for further explanation and how it will be achieved. This led to the question some people asks when it comes to the historic Korean summit: What does North Korea really wants?

A normalized relationship with U.S.

Many analysts and specialists are claiming that despite of the continuous confusion given by United States media, North Korea has been clear and consistent with their goal, and that is to normalized relations with the United States. The proof of this matter was heightened by series of talks between Pyongyang and Washington ever since North Korea withdrawn from the Non-Proliferation on Nuclear Weapons in 1993, where North Korea has been a member since 1985.

Gaining and increasing trust

Media from all around the world broadcasted the historical Korean summit which was held on April 27, 2018, where people not only from Korea but around the world witnessed Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in shaking hands and smiling as though the conflict between North and South Korea was totally eliminated.

This boosted Koreans’ trust over Pyongyang, in which a poll taken on the day of the summit indicated that 64.7% of Koreans believed that North Korea will denuclearized and keep peace on the Korean peninsula as what they’ve promised; while 14.7% claimed that they still believe North Korea’s pledge to denuclearize when they were asked the day after the summit. An approximate percentage of 28.3% claimed that they are still doubtful about North Korea.

In accordance to this, Kim Jong-un told Moon Jae-in during the summit that he would soon invite specialists and media journalists from U.S. and South Korea, when North Korea demolishes its nuclear testing site, which later on gained the trust of not only Koreans but the whole world, raising the hopes of a new and peaceful Korean peninsula.


With all of these being said, specialist and analysts are still finding hints on what North Korea really wants, no one really knows what does North Korea wants to portray with these positive gestures being broadcasted all over the world. As most of the people believed that North Korea’s reconciliation with South Korea and their announcement of denuclearization is a good sign of change and a better and peaceful Korean peninsula, there are others that are still skeptical about this.

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