Israel and Iran’s Conflict in Syria

Syria: The War Torn Country Caught in between Israel and Iran’s Conflict

Israel and Iran ConflictSyria and Israel have been technically in war since the founding of Israel in 1948. However, as hard as it is to digest, for more than thirty years, Syria has been Israel’s most quiet border. The country is mainly ruled with an iron fist by the Assad family.

However, the silence was broken when the Syrian Civil War started in the year 2011. During the early phase of the conflict, Sunni rebels with tight connections to Saudi and other countries in the Gulf has hit Assad with a series of battlefield defeats.

Iran won’t tolerate such acts as Iran is considering Syria as its closest Arab ally. Tehran joined in with an all in force to bail Assad out.

Israel was not a major participant in the early years of the Syrian Civil war. The first showdown between Israel and Iran was largely conducted within the shadows, with Israel not taking credit for some strikes on weapons convoys or arm depots.

It was the early in the dawn when Israeli fighter jets dropped their payload in Tiyas air force base which was situated in central Syria on April 9, the attack left approximately seven military casualties.

The target was not Syria’s controversial chemical weapons program which the U.S. would eventually do days later as a retaliation to Syria’s chemical attack on civilians in the town of Douma.

The true target of Israel is none other than Iran, the dead military personnel were not Syrians but Iranians.

This attack was far from the previous hits that Israel had done against Iran and its several allied groups in Syria. Iran’s recent activity has raised concerns among Israeli and American officials. Iran was slowly expanding its military presence all over Israel’s northern border with Syria which prompted Israel to take safety measures and respond to this issue many times.

Other senior Israeli and U.S. officials are also wary about the possibility that Tehran might restart its nuclear project after U.S. president Donald Trump had decided to back out of the Iran Nuclear Deal.

The latest strike against Iran was the most direct and boldest attack yet. Retaliation is imminent according to Tehran, with Israel stating that it is ready to keep up the fight.

The response from Iran could take multiple forms. Which could be ballistic missiles launched from Iran, Syria or Lebanon targeting Israeli cities. Crossing borders from to Lebanon or Syria as well as attacks against Jewish or Israeli targets overseas.

Israel has assured an even wolfish response if Iran would retaliate, threatening Iran’s military forces in Syria as well as the Assad Regime.

The resilient talk is reflecting Jerusalem’s unswerving stance on not allowing Tehran to make Syria a forward operating stronghold. The recent activity between Israel and Iran in Syria is slowly escalating and could blow up to an all out war.

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