The Connection between Immigration and Crime

Does Immigration Really Lead to an Increase in Crime Rate?

immigration and crimeAmerican citizens have been concerned ever since the colonial days when they are mostly victimized by immigrants. Regardless of the different reports claiming the link between crime and immigration, research exploring this issue had been infrequent.

Citizens of the United States, along with policymakers, have already expressed their worries about the connection these two throughout the past century. Concerns were widely perceived to be driven by unexpected growth in immigration and other economic events. Whatever the immediate causes are, immigration and crime will always appear to be connected.

Immigration Links to Terrorism

The relationship between the two is still widely debated across the globe. A study in 2016 suggests that high levels of immigration is often linked to lower levels of terrorism in the host country. However, the study noted that only a few minorities of immigrants from high terrorism states can be related to increase in terrorist activity. Economist and political scientist in Germany found out that countries with a great number of foreigners are more prone to terrorist attacks.

U.S. President Donald Trump is claiming that Democrats are looking at something that is dangerous to America, saying they want to have illegal immigrants here that might bring tremendous amounts of crime. Looking at the facts, it is merely impossible to determine if his statement is accurate regarding undocumented and legal immigrants. About 90 percent of prisoners are residing on state or local levels, according to the Department of Justice. This just means that local law enforcement is the ones prosecuting the crimes, instead of the federal government.

Immigration Has No Correlation With Crime

Following Trump’s immigration promises, are there any facts supporting the idea that his so-called “criminal aliens” are the ones terrorizing U.S. communities?

Associate Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences Jörg L. Spenkuch gathered accurate data by comparing crime records from 1980 to 2000 and saw clear results. He claims that immigration is not related to crime, despite the depictions of media to immigrants as violent and always linked to the drug trade. Spenkuch estimated that more than 10 percent immigrants with poor labor outcomes would accompany about only 1 percent increase in crime rate.

As of now, there are no reports backing the assumption that increasing crime rate is due growth in immigration. It doesn’t also mean that some of them are not involved because it is not just Americans who violate the law.

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