Germany’s DAX 30

A Look on Germany’s DAX 30 Stock Index

DAX 30 German stock marketAmong the stock market in Europe, the DAX 30 of Germany has been one of the biggest performers in recent years. In August 2016, the German equities have officially entered the bull market after they recovered 20% of their weakness.

Since then, it has maintained its good performance despite rising geopolitical and economic tensions that hounded the following years. In 2017, the DAX 30 registered a double digit gain as it recorded a 13% full-year advancement.

Let’s get to know more about the German stock index, its composition, and some bite to its history.

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The Performance of Wall Street in 2018

Wall Street Leaning on Private Equity Stocks for a Productive 2018

wall street performances in 2018In the previous year, the US stock market has heavily relied to the huge performance of technology stocks. The tech sector served as the main catalyst of Wall Street’s notable surge in 2017, which saw the three major indices smashing record highs after record highs.

Sad part is, they are all a thing of the past now and Wall Street has ridden the waves of President Donald Trump highly-anticipated tax cut, only it was enough to bail the stock market out of the correction phase seen in the onset of the current year.

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What Affects Gold Prices

Four Main Factors that Determine Gold Prices

Gold prices
Gold prices are determined by 4 major economic factors

Aside from being melted and used as jewelries, gold can also be used as fiat money or fiat currency, where fiat money is a legal tender whose value is assisted by the government that issued it. Legal tender on the other hand, is a form of any official payment perceived by the law that can be used and accountable to extinguish both public and private debt. Gold is considered by the market as a precious metal, along with silver and other metals that have high values . However, what really drives gold prices? In this article, we are going to tackle the different factors that affects the value of gold.

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9 Facts Really Few People Know about Wall Street

Wall Street is in the southern section of Manhattan in New York City. It is the financial center of the United States as it homes two major stock exchanges, the Nasdaq and the NYSE. Aside from that, here are some things about Wall Street that will make you check Google if they’re true.

The Name

The Dutch people are the ones who named in the 17th century. It was originally called “de Waal Straat” during the times when New York was a Dutch settlement. They enslaved Africans to make them build a wall for protection from the English, giving it the name “Wall Street”. Speaking of slavery, it is widely believed that thousands of slaves are buried under the area.

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Bitcoin Surges Again Early this Year as Stated by CoinShares Chairman

Bitcoin is expected to rally this year and reach its previous highs, CoinShares Chairman Danny Masters predicted.

But here’s what should happen before that; Bitcoin should have better structures and a life cycle post initial coin offerings which the fundraising process is helping launch new cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin was found with a tag of $8,300 on Wednesday While the coin has recovered from lows earlier this year. The cryptocurrency briefly dropped below $6,000 in February while bitcoin is still far away from its mid-December peak that is was around $19,500.

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