The Risk Parents Take When Hiring a Babysitter

Children Who Were Assaulted by Their Babysitter

dangerous babysittersIn May this year, A 42-year-old babysitter in Bemidji, Minnesota broke the legs of a 3-month-old baby under her care. The babysitter, Bridget Renae Stately, confessed she smoked methamphetamine and so she can’t remember the incident. However, she was caught assaulting the baby on camera.

The criminal was arrested and will probably be charged with these two felonies: 3rd degree assault and endangering a child.

In Pittsburgh a 26-year-old babysitter, Dylan M. McKinney, was charged with a rape offense against a 5 year old child. McKinney was hired through an online company that introduces babysitters to parents all over the country.

This incidents in Minnesota and Pittsburgh raise the question of whether it is possible to trust a new babysitter no matter how many good refences she has. This explains why parents from all over the united State take precautionary measures and do not let a stranger get into their house and interact with their baby. To minimize risks, parents carry out meticulous criminal history checks to find out if a potential babysitter has a criminal record or has ever been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony offense.

There are websites that specialize in these background checks, for example this one. What they offer is a search tool based on a subject’s name. The results they give are around 95% accurate (There is no 100%).

But even that is not enough. Parents are reluctant to trust any babysitter who is not a close friend or a family member. As a result, here has been a decrease in the demand for babysitters/nannies statewide. Grandparents replace them or, alternatively, mothers opt for part-time jobs so they can be with the kids. In addition, parents go out less at night or hang out with their kids. This is the only way, in their eyes, to keep their little ones safe.

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