Why Do We Need to Sleep?

The Importance of Sleep

woman sleepingAll mammals need to sleep due to their brain’s structure. The cortex, where all complex thinking takes place, must have a “daily reset” to organize and categorize daily impressions, ideas and thinking structures.

Human beings are not different in that sense. Sleep is essential for maintaining our learning capabilities and memory, and mental and physical wellbeing.  Experts recommend a full 7 hours of sleep per 24 hours for adults at the age of 18-64. When it comes to children, the number increases. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends 12-16 hours of sleep to babies at the age of 4-12 months. Toddlers at 1-2 years old need 11-14 hours. Young children aging 3 – 5, should sleep 10-13 hours a day. 6-12-year old children must sleep no less that 9-12 hours. 13-18-year old teens need 8-10 hours of a good night sleep.

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The Disastrous Effect of the Spanish Flu

The Spanish Flu of 1918: How It Affected the Whole World

spanish fluAbout hundred years ago, as much as 500 million people across the globe were affected by the influenza pandemic of 1918, or “The Spanish Flu”. There had been a lot of questions raised regarding its origins, especially when a corpse of a Spanish Flu victim was dug up in an Alaskan permafrost.

To begin with, it is worth knowing that it is not named the Spanish Flu because it started in Spain. A news media from the nation was only the first ones to disseminate information on the epidemic.

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